Learn Sex Education and host an Adult Sex Toy Party in Chicago, Illinois!

Are you interested in hosting a sex toy party workshop in Chicago, Illinois? If a sex toy party workshop is not your thing, why not consider a 60-90 minute sex education class? Our professional sex educators and Concierges would love to help you with your sex toy party workshop or sex education class in the Chicago, IL area. They are experts at helping you with your bachelorette party, girls’ night or couples party.

They will show you how My Secret Soiree is very different from other sex toy parties and party companies.

My Secret Soiree is an education company.

We teach adult pleasure-based sex education and feature high-quality products and professional sex educators and Concierges.

Have fun at our upscale toy party workshop or sex education class, where you will learn about pleasure, sex toys, and sex! Open to people of all genders and sexualities.

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Erica Hungerford

Covering the Chicago, IL area

I am a Chicago-based sex educator and consultant who believes all humans should have access to accurate, unbiased education on sex and pleasure. I have always had a strong drive to discover what is pleasurable to me and to help others make that same journey.

I feel everyone should have an enjoyable sex life, whatever “sex” means to them. I have personally struggled with the way that social expectations and many sexual resources define sex as only penetration. I know sex to be much broader than that, as it can encompass so many other physical, emotional, and sometimes, spiritual acts. Through my work, I hope to help others not only understand and embrace their sexual desires but find ways of fulfilling them safely.

I have extensive experience in sexual experimentationpainful sexkink/BDSM, and polyamory. I teach communication around sexual intimacy and relationships, as communication is often the key to fulfillment. I am also working towards my Masters in Sex Therapy.

If you have any questions, want to host an upscale sex toy party workshop or sex education class, or want individual coaching, please contact me.

You can also find me on FaceBook.

I look forward to helping you gain comfort and confidence and to guiding you in your pleasure exploration!

Erica is available in the following areas:

Chicago, IL Area
Buffalo Grove
Clarendon Hills
Forest Park
Glen Ellyn
Green Oaks
Indian Head Park
La Grange
Long Grove
Oak Park
South Barrington
Tower Lakes
Vernon Hills
Western Springs