Why Host A Sex Toy Party Workshop or Sex Education Class with My Secret Soiree?

Hosting a sex toy party/workshop with My Secret Soiree is guaranteed to be fun! When is talking about sex, sex toys and pleasure not fun?? It’s a great way to learn about the best adult sex toys, sex and pleasure in a safe and no-pressure environment. After all, the more information you know and understand, the more pleasure you will have.

Sex toy parties with My Secret Soiree includes:

Heart purple Guaranteed FUN!!

Heart purple Presentation (approximately 60 minutes) from a Sex Educator

Heart purple Reliable and accurate information

Heart purple Product demos

Heart purple Q&A with the Educator advising you on how to meet your sexuality goals and needs

Heart purple Personalized recommendations with products that are right just for you

Heart purple Private and easy ordering via iPad

Heart purple Orders processed and shipped next business day

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Soirees Types:

  1. Standard Sex Toy  Party Soiree/Workshop for Women, Men & Couples – ALL Genders and Sexualities are welcome
  2. Sex Education Workshops and Classes

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Perfect for:

  • Girl’s Night Out
  • Bachelorette Party
  • Adult Birthday Party
  • Couples Party

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How is My Secret Soiree different?

“I never realized how a high quality toy or high quality accessory could deliver a more enjoyable experience.”

When you host a sex toy party with My Secret Soiree, you will have a very different experience from other sex toy parties.


  • NO Adult Novelties: Unlike other companies, we only offer high quality adult passion products: toys that feature quality design, quality materials and quality craftsmanship. We have also curated a selection of organic or all-natural sex accessories, as well as beautiful and stylish bondage gear, like wrist cuffs and blindfolds. Compare our products to other companies. Our products do cost more, but you will clearly see the difference. See all high quality luxury sex toys. See all bath and body products. See all fetish & fantasy products.
  • NO Catalogs: What also sets My Secret Soiree is apart is our personalized and 1-on-1 service. Our Educators are the Catalogs. They help each guest pick out products that are suitable for them – not just what’s in the catalog.
  • NOT Just For Women: Our events are not just for women. Men should be also be apart of the conversation. We welcome ALL genders and sexualities at our events.
  • NOT Unprofessional: Our Educators are well-trained and possess a high knowledge of our products and sexual education. Their presentation will answer all of your questions about sex, pleasure and our high quality products. You will learn how our products are from the best manufacturers, as well as how they will enhance your sex life. Also, we do not believe in sex shaming. You or your guests do not have to feel obliged to share what you have or have not done in the bedroom.
  • Guaranteed FUN!: Led by trained Educators, our events are still fun in a sophisticated way. We answer all of your sex-related questions so that you . . .


1-on-1 Private Consultations

Some people might feel uncomfortable talking about sex and sex toys with their friends. That is why we offer 1-on-1 private consultations. We do a private Soiree just for you (and your Partner), where we show all the products just like a regular Soiree. Consult fee and minimum purchase required.