How do I book an adult toy party?

Select your Location on the Contact Us page. Please book early since Fridays and Saturdays are the first to be booked.

What is the cost for My Secret Soiree?

Pricing varies. Please contact a Concierge to learn more.

Is there a minimum sales requirement?

NO, but if the sales are less than $500, then the $50 reservation fee will go to the Concierge to cover the costs of the Soiree.

What are the avergae costs of the products?

Avergae costs are as follows:
Lotions & Potions – $12 – $40
Fantasy & Fetish – $50 – $110
Sexual Health – $10 – 60
Toys – $65 – $200

Do the toys come in the mail or do we take them home after the Soiree?

The Concierge does not carry inventory. All orders will be shipped to the guest the next business day.

How long does the presentation last?

We recommend that you set aside about 3 hours — from presentation start to the end of personal consultations — for a Soiree. That time includes the presentations, questions, and personal consultations. Please let the Concierge know if you have any timing/scheduling issues to discuss your options.

As the Host, what is expected of me?

You provide the place for the Secret Soiree and invite your friends. You can choose a theme, or not.

If possible, the Concierge likes to have a private room so that orders can be taken discreetly and questions can be answered. It allows people ask questions they may not have wanted to bring up in front of the group, and if someone chooses not to buy something, it evens the playing field so there’s no discomfort in front of the group.

It is a good idea to have some cocktails or beverages to relax your guests before and after the Secret Soiree.

How many people are required to have a Secret Soiree?

To have a successful Secret Soiree, it is best to have at least 10-15 guests (or 5-8 couples). The Concierge will call the Host a few day before the Soiree to confirm the number of guests.

Is there a minimum age to attend?

We ask that all guests be at least 18 years of age.

What can I expect from the Secret Soiree?

A fun yet educational party for adults! The Concierge will bring samples of sex accessories and high quality body-safe sex toys. Each product will be demonstated and passed around to all of your guests. All questions will be answered. Your guests will be able to order products at the Secret Soiree, which will then be shipped directly to them the next business day.

Where do you take orders?

At the conclusion of the presentation, the Concierge will move to another room (or have the party move to another room) so that each guest can discreetly give their order with the Concierge. Orders — with shipping information and credit card processing — are taken directly in our software.

Is a Secret Soiree a good idea for a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party?

Absolutely! A Secret Soiree is an excellent idea for a Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party. However, we ask that your guests do not bring other gifts. Usually, each guest purchases a gift card for the Bride, which she then uses towards her purchase.

Bachelorette Parties are an additional fee. Please contact your Concierge to learn more.

Can Secret Soiree be coed?

Absolutely! Not only is it important for women to understand pleasure, but it is also important for men to understand all aspects of pleasure. If a guest is too uncomfortable to ask a question in front of the opposite sex, they can ask the Concierge during the order process.

Where can I have a Secret Soiree?

The Concierge can come to a private home or any location, with a separate room for order taking. We do require a space to set up a table.

What kind of products do you feature?

My Secret Soiree prides itself for only selling the best high quality body-safe adult toys. Please read more about sex toy materials and what are luxury sex toys. Furthermore, all of the sex accessories are either all-natural or organic.

What is your refund/exchange policy?

All Soiree sales are FINAL. If your product is defective, please contact your Concierge immediately.

Are there Hostess Rewards?

There are different promotions all year long. Please ask your Concierge about the current promotion.

How is My Secret Soiree different from other sex toy party companies?

Do you want to Host a Sex Toy Party and have questions about how My Secret Soiree does sex toy parties?

If you want to host a sex toy party with My Secret Soiree, we want you to know that we are very different from other party companies. We are professional sex educators who want you to have fun while you learn about pleasure, sex toys and sex.

We educate adults about Sex and Pleasure.

There are many wonderful companies that offer adult sext toy parties… some of them even do a good job. While just about anyone can bring a collection of sex toys into your living room and throw a party, we pride ourselves that all of our Concierges want to educate their customers about sex and pleasure. At My Secret Soiree, we go through a meticulous process where we carefully pick each and every product our company sells so that they are fun AND safe. You most certainly will never find a neon-colored $9.99 plastic vibrator at any of our Soirees.

We believe that romance, passion, and sex are a serious topic. While our parties are fun and entertaining you won’t be playing any silly dirty games. Our parties are sophisticated and classy affairs where we seek to provide elegance, sophistication, and knowledge to the experience.

Will a Concierge do a one-on-one consultation?

Yes! We are educators and are happy to educate any chance we get! Please contact your Concierge to learn more.

Can there be other vendors at the Soiree?

Unfortunately, we prefer to not have any other vendors at the Soiree. Because these products are so different from other products, like jewelry or handbags, and require education before purchasing, we suggest you have a Soiree first, then have other vendors. That way, the people who are really interested in My Secret Soiree will spend time and learn with us. If the Concierge arrives to find other vendors present at the event, you will be charged an additional $50.

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