Why My Secret Soiree Is Different From Other Sex Toy Parties?

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Learn the difference between My Secret Soiree and other sex toy parties.

There are a lot of options for sex toy parties out there. How do you know which sex toy party company is the right one for you and your friends? A sex toy party consultant is a sales person who will tell you everything you want to hear. Everything might sound great until the day of your event. However, My Secret Soiree is very different from other sex toy parties. 

First, you need to determine what are your goals and top priorities?

  • Do you want to have fun?
  • Do you want to learn about sexual health and wellness?
  • Do you want to increase your knowledge of sex education so that you can have more fun in the bedroom — alone or with a partner?
  • Do you want to just buy products? If so, what kind of products do you want to buy?

Once you have decided what your top priorities are, you can then make a better decision about which sex toy party company is right for you.

So, how is My Secret Soiree different from other sex toy parties?

My Secret Soiree Is A Sex Education Company For Adults

Sex Education for Adults? You might be thinking, “I want this to be fun sex toy party — not a lecture or feel like I am in school!”

Education can be FUN when it is done in an engaging and informative way. After all, when is talking about pleasure and sex toys NOT fun????

Soirees are educational sex toy and shopping parties.

What does that mean?

Our Concierges don’t push products and pressure you to buy something. Products are simply used to enhance the sex education. Your Concierge will teach you and your guests about:

  • Foreplay and sexual play
  • Feeling good in your body and body image
  • Personal lubricants — why you need lube and all of the different types of lube
  • Clitoral and external stimulation
  • G-spot stimulation
  • Anal stimulation
  • Care and cleaning of your luxury sex toys

First and foremost, My Secret Soiree’s top priority is educating you about getting the pleasure you deserve rather than making the sale.

High Quality Premium Products vs. Cheap Products

My Secret Soiree only features high quality body-safe premium products.

All of the toys that we feature are made with premium materials, such as 100% silicone or all-natural (or organic!) ingredients. Toys will not melt in your drawer or harbor bacteria because they are porous. Many are eco-friendly where they are rechargeable and you no longer need batteries. The bath and body products are made with ingredients that will not give you weird reactions because they are NOT made with chemicals.

Because there is a lot of research and design that goes into these products, high quality products last longer and have warranties, rather than a cheap toy that lasts only a few uses. Also, cheap toys are all the same. They come off the same factory but just have a different label.

Professional Sex Educators vs. Sex Toy Consultants

All of My Secret Soiree’s Concierges are highly trained sex educators.

What is a sex educator?

A sexual health and wellness educator is a person who teaches sex education, which is the instruction on issues relating to human sexuality. At My Secret Soiree, our Concierges focus on specific aspects of human sexuality including anatomy, sexual activity and pleasure.

Concierges have either a formal background in healthcare or sex. Our Concierges are professionals comprised of nurses, therapists/counselors, social workers, relationship and intimacy coaches, sex bloggers, or full-time sexual health and wellness educators. They are knowledgeable in every aspect of sexual health and wellness rather than just knowing about the toys and products in a catalog.

Sex Toy Consultants have other full-time jobs unrelated to healthcare or sex. Many are stay-at-home moms, the friend that everyone talks to about sex and relationships, or people who just want to have fun and make some extra money.

Do you see the difference?

Sex Positive

My Secret Soiree believes that EVERYONE deserves pleasure — no matter their gender or their sexuality.

Many people have had no formal sex education. If you did, it was probably abstinence based — not pleasure based. Therefore, you probably have questions about yourself and/or your partner in relation to pleasure.

We believe that men are an important part of the pleasure equation. They have just as many questions about themselves as they do about their partner. Therefore, men are welcome at any of our events.

Last Minute Cancellations

Your Concierge will not cancel on you at the last minute.

Have you ever booked a sex toy party where the sex toy consultant . . . .?

  • Called 24-48 hours before your event and canceled
  • Showed up hours late
  • Did NOT show up at all

It’s so frustrating and disappointing if any of the above has happened to you! My Secret Soiree agrees and believes in professionalism. Because you have booked with an experienced professional, none of the above will happen to you.

Catalogs and Inventory

My Secret Soiree listens to your needs and helps you find the right product for you…not what’s in a catalog or the inventory taking up space in a sex toy consultants garage/basement.

Do you want a company who pushes products and inventory on you without listening to your needs? My Secret Soiree helps you figure out your priorities and needs in the bedroom.

Your Concierge is an expert — on both adult products and sex education — and they will help you find the right product for you rather than a product that’s in a catalog or a product that needs to be sold so that the sex toy consultant can make more money.

NO Pressure/ Pressure FREE Experience

My Secret Soiree puts your pleasure first rather than making the sale.

Since your Concierge’s top priority is making sure that you and your guests learn something valuable to use in your daily life, you will not be made to feel pressured to buy at the conclusion of a Soiree or sex ed workshop/class.


Unlike other sex toy party companies, My Secret Soiree gives you options.


Because you, the customer, are the most important aspect of the educational experience to us vs. what the average sex toy consultant thinks, “How much money will I make?”

Just as choice and freedom are important when it comes to pleasure, we think your event choice is important. We want you to choose whether you want to have a:

  1. Standard shopping party or Soiree, where you and your guests will get a general overview of pleasure and sex toys
  2. Sex education workshop and class, where you will learn about a specific topic that interests you and your friends

After understanding the differences between My Secret Soiree and everyone else, we hope that you will pick the best option for your group. If you are serious about sex education and want to have a fun time learning about sex and pleasure with friends, then My Secret Soiree is the ONLY option for you.

Book My Secret Soiree today!

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