Why My Secret Soiree is the Best Bachelorette Party Idea

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Planning a bachelorette party or (hen party/hen night) should be fun but it rarely is. You are stressed out because want to impress the Bride-to-Be with the best bachelorette party idea. Then, you might have lots of people involved with lots of opinions or a Maid of Honor and/or Bridesmaids who have no interest in planning the best bachelorette party.

Bachelorette Party Secrets

The secret to planning the best bachelorette party is finding a great activity.

What is one topic that everyone loves to talk about? S E X! What is one topic that most people need to be educated about? S E X!

Who are the people you want to talk about and learn about sex with? F R I E N D S! Not your mother or doctor! When you get to the stage of life where people are getting married, it’s so rare to have ALL your friends in one place.

That’s the beauty of a bachelorette party because the Bride-to-Be is surrounded by her nearest and dearest friends and family and there’s no better way to learn about sex than with the ones you love.

Sure you can do the typical bachelorette party…dinner and dancing and LOTS of alcohol, but will you really remember it years later….especially if you are not the Bride-to-Be? No because is will be just another night out.

sex toy party sex education workshop class

Sophisticated Bachelorette Party Idea

Yes — you can do the standard sex toy party, but will you learn something? NO! Those parties just sell and push products on you and are meant to be entertainment. You are not leaving with valuable information that you can use as soon as you get home.

No matter where you are located, NYC, Boston, Chicago, DC, Austin, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Toronto, one of our Concierges/Sex Educator loves spreading the gospel of pleasure and teaching sex education in a sophisticated and upscale way.

Sex Education

My Secret Soiree’s Concierges/Sex Educators will give you an overview of sex, sex toys and pleasure in 60 minutes or you have the option to learn about a specific topic, such as orgasms, foreplay or even oral sex, in a longer 90 minute sex education workshop. Either option is fun and interactive. When the Concierge/Sex Educator leaves, you will be guaranteed to have learned something!

Pleasure + Information = BETTER SEX LIFE

We believe that pleasure is a birthright and you should have access to the right information. Knowledge is power and the more you know, the more pleasure you will have and the better your sex life with be whether you are single or in a relationship.

My Secret Soiree focuses on your pleasure and what works for you — not your partner. This is about you gaining knowledge and using it to lead a happier and healthier life. After all, orgasms make you healthier.

Grapes and Gasms

Why not combine the best of both worlds with a wine tasting sex toy party? Grapes and Gasms* walks you through the 3 different stages of sex while learning about different wines:

Course 1: Foreplay and Sexual Play

Course 2: Pleasure – Solo or Couples Play

Course 3: BDSM

*NYC and Napa/Sonoma, CA Only

If you really want to do something different, you can do a joint bachelor/bachelorette party, where a Concierge/Sex Educator teaches everyone about sex, sex toys and pleasure. Pleasure doesn’t discriminate, why should we? After all, men have as many questions about this subject as women. Plus, it’s always good to understand your partner’s pleasure and how their body works.

sex toy party sex education workshop class

Contact us today about your bachelorette party and see for yourself why My Secret Soiree is the B E S T bachelorette party idea that you will never forget!

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