Sex Toy Facts You Need to Know: Sex Toy Myths & Facts

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It’s 2016 and sex toys and adult products still get a bad rap.


There are a lot of taboos and myths surrounding sex toys and adult products. However, when you know the sex toy facts, we guarantee that you will think differently.

Here is what we think is the number one myth about sex toys:

You can get addicted to your vibrator.


Do you ever worry that if you use your vibrator too much you’ll become addicted? Or that’ it’ll ruin you for “regular sex?”

Let’s get down to the truth!

Like a lot of mental health words, “addiction” gets thrown around a lot and disconnected from it’s true meaning…which is a condition in which the use of something pleasurable becomes compulsive (as in you can’t control it) and/or it interferes with other life responsibilities.

You might LOVE the way your vibrator makes you feel and the orgasm it produces for you but you won’t experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop using it.

Even though you can’t get addicted to your vibrator, here’s what can happen: you can fall into a rut with it, just like you can fall into a rut with sex.

You might get very used to your vibrator to the point that it becomes the only way you orgasm. This isn’t an addiction! The good news is that it’s something you can change pretty easily.

Here’s some suggestions:

  1. Try using the toy in different positions
  2. Try using the toy on different settings
  3. Try using the toy with personal lubricant and without lube
  4. Stop using the vibrator for a week or more
  5. Try a very different toy that looks and feels different

In fact, even if you don’t have any concerns about your vibrator use, we recommend that it’s a good idea to mix things up on a regular basis. Our bodies are pretty lazy and want to do things the most efficient way possible – that includes orgasm!

Congratulations on busting this sex toy myth and learning this important sex toy fact!

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