Top 10 Ideas for a Bachelorette Party in Dallas

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My Secret Soirée

Let’s talk about sex, adult toys and pleasure! My Secret Soirée is a upscale yet fun adult sex toy party and makes an excellent idea for a bachelorette party. We are committed to offering you top quality and body-safe products. Concierges are professional, experienced, and discreet. You are guaranteed to have a great time!

Party Bus or Limo
Book a party bus or limo and hit the nightlife in downtown Dallas! Most companies will let you pick a package of your choice to include (or not include) dining, nightclub and all male revue experiences.

Relax at a Spa
Hit a spa and have a pampering session for you and your friends. Planning a wedding is stressful—take time to relax and let someone else do most of the work. Get massages or manicures and pedicures while sipping champagne.

Get a Makeover
Try a new hair color or get some fresh ideas on wearing your makeup! Blushington is a charming place that offers beauty and makeup ideas. You might just find a perfect match!

Dance Lessons
Recreate a scene from your favorite dance movie with your favorite music and musicians at Dance Follies! Everything from Moulin Rouge to just some fancy Beyoncé moves. You could even get a routine together for you and the girls at the reception!

Wine and Paint Party
The latest rage in wine drinking is painting a picture while you sip on wine! At Painting with a Twist, everyone paints a similar picture, sips on wine, and you have a cherished memento for you and your friends.

Cooking Party
For centuries, people have gotten together at mealtime and bonded over food. Getting together to prepare the meal from start to finish can make for a fun and enjoyable event for you and your friends. Everything tastes better when it has that personal touch!

Pin Up Photos
Vintage and pin up photography has made a huge comeback with many studios specialize in these types of photo sessions! You don’t have to be “Suzy Homemaker” or “Rosie the Riveter” to dress like one and have a fun photo shoot!

Pole Dancing
Learn the moves of the ladies of pole dancing and get a good workout, relieve some stress, have many laughs, and maybe surprise yourself just a little. Pole dancing is not just for strippers! You never know what moves you will learn that you can use in the bedroom!

Sail Away!
Yes, in Dallas, you can take a tour in a gondola at Lake Carolyn! Sit back and relax while the gondolier takes you on a tour around the lake. Or rent a party boat and hit the lake for some water fun!

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