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Concierge Corner Meet the Sexpert 4

In this series, Concierge Corner: Meet the Sexpert, My Secret Soiree will introduce you all of our fabulous team members!

Meet Bridget Sclama, Concierge, Oklahoma

– Why are sex toys important?

I’ve been in this business almost 10 years now, and it never ceases to amaze me how uneducated women, and the general public, are about toys. The biggest ‘shock’ has always come from those with men in their lives. It seems to be that men live with one extreme or the other:
The fear that the toy will somehow replace him.
Those that love the toys and want to break the bank buying them all!
Why would they want to buy them all? Because men aren’t taught to be ashamed of touching themselves (at least not as much as women are — or they just don’t listen to it)!

Women should have that same freedom as men, and that’s why toys are important. They can help ease the way into self-exploration without direct touching of body parts. There is nothing wrong with any healthy approach to sex and sexuality.

– Why did you get into this industry?

My husband and I were at a couple’s party, and he leaned over to me and said “Find out what it costs to do this. You can do so much better than she’s doing.” Apparently, he was right — 6 months after I began my career, the other consultant was out of the business. Nearly 10 years later, I’m still going fairly strong! I guess I really AM better at it than her! Truth be told, I’m very comfortable with the subject, always have been, and this business isn’t for everyone. Some people don’t want to be recognized as “the sex toy lady”. Some people don’t even want to be seen talking to the “sex toy lady”! Unfortunately, we still have a long way to go!

– Why did you choose to work with My Secret Soiree?

I was ready for a change in my life, when change appeared “at my door”, so to speak. A friend of mine, also a Concierge, had done some research into various companies and liked what My Secret Luxury has to offer, and after a few questions, I liked what I heard and made the move! The biggest appeal is that this is as close to a “green” company in this industry as you can get! No batteries and no catalogs to add to our landfills — among a few other ‘green’ ideas!

– What was sex ed like for you when growing up? What do you wish they had taught in school?

Sex Education in public schools was non-existent while I was growing up. We had basic biology class but nothing dealing with human sexuality. Thankfully, my parents were very progressive in their thinking. They provided books that were probably among the best at the time, dealing with all things about growing up, puberty, STDs, pregnancy, etc. They were young parents and didn’t have all the answers, but were very determined to see to it that none of their daughters grew up in the same darkness they did.

– How do young people explore their sexuality?

Young people today have access to all the information in the world through the internet — yet they still rely on their friends for the bulk of their misinformation. In some areas, Sex Ed classes are wonderful tools that are very beneficial to the students, and in some areas you have Sex Ed from the Dark Ages.

While the males among us generally masturbate for the majority of their life, the females are still taught that they shouldn’t be touching themselves — that it’s ‘wrong’ or ‘sinful’. So many young people are very conflicted between what they know feels good and what they are taught from a religious point of view. We need open and honest dialogue with them so that they can explore their bodies without guilt or shame.

– What is your favorite toy/product?

I simply can’t choose ONE item as my favorite! They are all so wonderful! To choose one product that every woman should have in her ‘toy box’, I would have to go with On Female Arousal Oil. It’s definitely a good time, with or without a toy! From the toy line, I’d be inclined to recommend Minna Ola, for those women that prefer internal stimulation, and the Minna Limon for those that like external or clitoral stimulation! Plush and luxurious feel, soft and easy to the touch, and you control the vibration levels through the pressure you apply. It’s the best combination for the female body!

– Best piece of advice when shopping for sex toys.

Figure out what it is that you want your toy to do for YOU. Do you want it to pulsate or vibrate? Do you want internal or external stimulation? Or both? Do you want strong or soft power level? Don’t just buy according to the price tag and your budget. Affordable doesn’t mean that it’s the best for you! Do you want products that are safe to use or whatever you can find? Do you want wireless, rechargeable, remote controlled, hands-free? There are many choices — and that’s why having a Concierge to help guide you through the process is so important!

– What is a secret luxury you dream of indulging in or allow yourself occasionally – exotic travel, a decadent food…?

I love to travel! One day, I hope to travel to Okinawa, Japan, to visit my son and his growing family, and maybe take a European vacation, as well. So many places to choose from!

– What is (are) your primary love language(s) (physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, or acts of service)?

For me and my husband, it’s all about the language and communication. We have wonderful chemistry that everyone can see — part of that is our banter in, and out of, the bedroom!

– What makes you feel sexy?

Catching my husband admiring me! He has the same look toward me, that my dad has for my mom. There is nothing quite like knowing that he’s still in love with me!

– How do you relax?

We are cinephiles (movie fans!) so we go to the movies, or try to, every week. I’m also a reader–mostly mysteries and thriller books. Not always great for relaxing, but it’s why I love!

– What is your favorite romantic song?

Here and Now, by Luther Vandross….smooth and sexy!

– Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m pretty much an open book. I have an off-beat and sometimes twisted sense of humor! I am 54 years old and act 12…maybe 8! I have one granddaughter that’s almost 2 years old and one granddaughter due to be born in August 2015. Dancing is one of my favorite hobbies and I’d love to learn Ballroom Dance. Anything you want to know, just ask!

If you are in the Oklahoma or north Texas area and would like more information about hosting an upscale sex toy party or bachelorette sex toy party, please contact Bridget here.

Concierge Corner Meet the Sexpert 4

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