Concierge Corner: Meet the Sexpert

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Concierge Corner Meet the Sexpert 3
In this series, Concierge Corner: Meet the Sexpert, My Secret Soiree will introduce you all of our fabulous team members!

Meet Faye Sprague, South Region Director

– Why are sex toys important?

Having worked in the sex toy industry for nearly 12 years, I’m always amazed at how uneducated the general public is regarding toys. While doing in home romance parties with mostly females, it was hard to hear the stories of women hiding toys from their partners or believing that toys would “ruin” them for future orgasms with their partners. As a Concierge and sex educator, I believe that every relationship can benefit from adult products and that toys do not replace your partner — they enhance the connection made during sex.

– Why did you get into this industry?

Achieving my Bachelors degree in Human Services and Psychology created a new whole new world for me. I wanted to save the world, but I soon learned that we can’t help someone who doesn’t want help. After 16 years of direct in-home work with families, I was introduced to the sex toy party industry. WOW! What a great way to help people through education and products that satisfy our sexual needs. The leading cause of divorce is infidelity, which often happens from lack of sexual satisfaction or boredom in the bedroom. I quickly learned that by introducing adult products that spice up the bedroom, relationships would be stronger and my consumers would be happier people.

– Why did you choose to work with My Secret Soiree?

I love what I do. When my frustration with my previous company made me dislike or question my future in the sex toy party plan business, I began to question what was best for me and my future success. I was introduced to My Secret Luxury, and I’m proud to tell the world that I am a Concierge and sex educator. I love that My Secret Luxury prides themselves in high quality body-safe adult product, sexual wellness and education — not in just selling products.

– What was sex ed like for you when growing up? What do you wish they had taught in school?

This is a great question, and I’m going to share some personal history with you. I don’t remember sex education in school. Everything I learned was from my friends, who were also uneducated in the sexual education department. Being a teenager and pregnant in high school caused many to judge me, and it set a stigma that only “bad” girls got pregnant. I wasn’t a “bad” girl. I was uneducated in my own sexual reproduction. I truly believed that sex was bad and not something people talked about.

How do young people explore their sexuality? They listen to their friends who may or may not know right from wrong, or they experiment without knowing the facts. Our schools need to offer a comfortable setting and materials that teach young people that sexuality is a part of us and that sex can be an enjoyable experience when the time is right.

– What is your favorite toy/product?

This is a hard question, and I’m asked this at almost every Soiree. You would think there would be an answer, but I don’t have one favorite product. It depends on the day and my mood. I will say that My Secret Luxury has so many high quality luxury sex toys and adult accessories that one day I might find my favorite.

If I had to recommend a product that I think every female should own, it’s the ON Female Arousal Oil. This arousal oil is 100% natural and helps you get aroused in under 5 minutes. Plus, with this clitoral stimulant, you will have a stronger orgasm. Everyone deserves orgasms, and ON Arousal Oil helps many achieve the mysterious orgasm.

– Best piece of advice when shopping for sex toys.

Again, it saddens me to hear that women know so little about their bodies and most believe that men give them orgasms. Each individual has different sexual needs and those should not be dictated by someone else. Regardless of sexual orientation or relationship status, communicating what you like and want sexually are very important. This is where My Secret Soiree can be so beneficial. As a trained sex educators, we know the questions to ask you to help you choose those products that will give you years of pleasure. So, I think communication and respect for each other’s needs are the first steps to choosing toys. Additionally, it best to keep an open mind and remember that toys do not replace intimacy — they enhance relationships.

– What is a secret luxury you dream of indulging in or allow yourself occasionally – exotic travel, a decadent food…?

I love to travel and discovering new places. The perfect dream indulgence would be a secluded beach with white sand and crystal clear water, where I could enjoy my husband’s company.

– What is (are) your primary love language(s) (physical touch, words of affirmation, gifts, quality time, or acts of service)?

For me, physical touch is so rewarding. I’m happy that my marriage is supported my physical touch. Next would be quality time.

– What makes you feel sexy?

Walking down the street hand in hand with my husband by my side.

– How do you relax?

I love to crochet, and I create some amazing things! You are very special to me if I use my free time to crochet something for you. I also enjoy a good game of Billiards.

– What is your favorite romantic song?

Lady in Red by Eric Clapton. That’s how I feel when my husband looks at me.

– Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I love my job and truly believe that job satisfaction ranks next to loving your partner. My grandchildren are the coolest people I know and they love me unconditionally. I have a great husband that supports me and is my best friend. I am blessed with friends that love me for who I am.

If you are in the Arkansas, Missouri and Iowa area and would like more information about hosting an upscale sex toy party or bachelorette sex toy party, please contact Faye here.

Concierge Corner Meet the Sexpert 3

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