Calling ALL Sex Educators, Nurses, Therapists, Social Workers, Relationship and Intimacy Coaches, and Sex Bloggers!!!!

Turn Your Passion Into Profits!!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Concierge/Educator with My Secret Soiree.

  • Are you a sex educator, nurse, therapist, social worker, relationship and intimacy coach or sex blogger?
  • Are you a sex-positive man or woman?
  • Are you passionate about helping people find the pleasure they deserve?
  • Do you want to teach sex education?
  • Do you want to make extra money?

Then you would be the perfect Concierge and Educator for My Secret Soiree!

All Concierges and sex educators are asked to apply and then interviewed to make sure that this is a right fit for everyone. More information about the company will be provided during the interview. Before the interview, we request that you send us your resume, a short bio and a few paragraphs as to why you are interested in My Secret Soiree and why you would be a great addition to the My Secret Soiree team.

We are different . . . .
So, we do things differently.

How are we different from other in-home romance and party plan companies?

  • We are NOT a party plan or in-home romance company. We are an education company that teaches pleasure-based sex education to adults and products are just used to complement the education.
  • Our Concierges are trained and professional sex educators — either full time sex educators, nurses, therapists, social workers, relationship or intimacy coach or sex blogger — not direct sales reps or party consultants, people with no teaching experience or knowledge who just like sex and sex toys or is the friend that everyone talks to about sex and relationships.
  • We feature only the best high-quality adult products from the best manufacturers in the industry!
  • We offer our clients sex education workshops and classes.
  • Our workshops are inclusive — including men or anyone else interested in learning about pleasure!
  • NO inventory required!
  • NO catalogs!
  • NO recruiting!
  • We take care of shipping and there are NO credit card fees!
  • Earn 30% commission!
  • Stay active by selling at least $1000 every 3 months!
  • We focus on sexual education training (NOT product education) and making sure Sex Educators give our customers accurate information.
  • You must have an interview to receive more detailed information.

Our kits start at $249.99.

You might be wondering . . . . Why are the kits so pricey? You pay for what you get, of course! Your kit will ONLY include high-quality body-safe products.

What are you waiting for? Join the premium brand of sex education workshops and classes today!