When you choose My Secret Soiree, you get personalized service AND choices — because after all, this is about Y O U and your P L E A S U R E.

Choose between a sex toy party workshop or a sex education workshop and class.

Please choose from one of the current options:

Sex Toy Party Workshop

Sex Toy Party Workshop

At a Sex Toy Party Workshop, you and your guests will learn a general overview of sex toys and pleasure. Topics covered include: sex toys myths; the difference between high quality and cheap sex toys; foreplay; personal lubricant; external stimulation; G-spot stimulation; and other relevant sexual health and wellness topics. You will be able to touch and taste a range of high quality adult products. Each guest can meet one-on-one with the Concierge/Sex Educator to ask questions or purchase products.


Sex Workshops and Classes

Sex education workshops and classes are an excellent option if you want to learn about a specific topic. Topics vary and all classes are taught by our Concierges, who are professional trained sex educators. At the conclusion of the workshop, you are able to shop and ask your Concierge questions. Available in certain locations only. For more information, click here.


Grapes & Gasms Soiree

Pleasure and wine are a perfect pair! Go on a 3 course journey that pairs each stage of sex with a wine sample. You will be tasting and learning about wine from a wine ambassador in addition to learning about pleasure and sex with your Concierge.
*Wine tasting is an additional cost.
** New York City Only


Boudoir Photography Soiree

Combine boudoir photography and a sex toy Soiree for an unforgettable experience! This is a fun and safe opportunity for each guest to get their tasteful yet SEXY pictures taken (and retouched).  You get to keep these photos for yourself or give as a present for your partner’s pleasure. Each guest gets 30 minutes with the photographer, while everyone else learns about pleasure and sex toys.
*Photographs are an additional cost per person.
** New York City Area Only